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put more yoga into your yogaThere is and always has been a deeper meaning to yoga than just the physical aspect. LovEarth strives to provide products that do not stand in contradiction with a more profound understanding of yoga that goes beyond the studio walls and affects our daily actions – hence LovEarth tries to help you to put more yoga into your yoga! Check out LovEarth eco mats.


LovEarth community logoLovEarth yoga mats are part of a push to lessen the ecological footprint of yoga in New Zealand. We would love you to send back your old yoga mat and we will distribute these to community yoga groups serving disadvantaged populations all around NZ. Find out more about trading in your old mat.


recycle_iconThere’s a lot that can be done with yoga mats that are even too worn to be reused as actual yoga mats. They don’t need to end up as land fill. LovEarth provides a platform of ideas how you can reincarnate old yoga mats.


LovEarth care iconAs with most things, the life span of LovEarth yoga mats can be increased with proper care. Instructions are printed on the wrap each LovEarth yoga mat comes with, but you can also find the care instructions on our website. Just visit our LovEarth yoga mat care instructions page.
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  • "I love my LovEarth yoga mat. It's so grippy and cushioned I feel I can go much further in each class. I love it so much I recommend it to my students and have it for sale in the Positive Balance online shop. I have had excellent feedback from my students too! They love the feel of it and its eco credentials" Louise – Positive Balance, Auckland - Positive BalanceLouise
  • I love the feel of the mats and the energy that has gone into making them is lovely (one of the best I have found from the yoga travels I have done around the world). Keep up the good work, I will be recommending the mats to a lot of people I know. Sacha Eddington – Yoga Teacher, Great Barrier IslandSacha
  • I love the mat, it is used as our teacher mat at the moment, it is great for the hot studio as it’s really sticky and flat. Jane – The Yoga Asylimb, PukekoheJane - Yoga AsylimbJane
  • I just love my new LovEarth Yoga mat, not only is it environmentally friendly, but I don’t slip on it! Any other mat I have tried, my hands end up sliding off the top, mostly in downward facing dog pose, with the LovEarth mat I stay put! And it’s easy to keep clean; I just chuck it in the washing machine. I like the thought that I’m helping the environment by not using a plastic mat anymore, thanks for giving me that opportunity!   Penny – Yoga Student, Auckland59727_10151547514390040_465171476_nPenny
  • Due to the months that lapse between a Yoga session, my body is stiff and horribly restrictive.  The mat on the other hand is soft, secure and offers me the foundation I need.  Having used cheaper mats and experiencing the constant need to wipe hands and sometimes feet on what you are wearing to take away the perspiration.  Knowing that a slipping limb can mean an injury, I am thrilled to tell you that the LovEarth mat holds you completely.  I find that the postures are crisper because the hold is so firm and that it translates in a muscular response of solidarity.   The mat is an Ecological foundation for my remarkably tolerant soul vehicle (body). To ice this accolade to the LovEarth Yoga mat I must mention it being of no burden to myself or planet Earth.  Its creation and demise will not harm another living thing or the environment.  This is a significant achievement and it gives me hope for a gentler future. Suezy - Yogi at heart, Auckland.SuezySuezy
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