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There is and always has been a deeper meaning to yoga than just the physical aspect. LovEarth strives to provide products that do not stand in contradiction with a more profound understanding of yoga that goes beyond the studio walls and affects our daily actions – hence LovEarth tries to help you to put more yoga into your yoga! Check out LovEarth eco mats.

LovEarth yoga mats are part of a push to lessen the ecological footprint of yoga in New Zealand. We would love you to send back your old yoga mat and will distribute these to community yoga groups serving disadvantaged populations all around Aotearoa.

There’s a lot that can be done with yoga mats that are even too worn to be reused as actual yoga mats. They don’t need to end up as land fill. LovEarth provides a platform of ideas how you can reincarnate old yoga mats.

As with most things, the life span of LovEarth yoga mats can be increased with proper care. Instructions are printed on the wrap each LovEarth yoga mat comes with, but you can also find the care instructions on our website. Just visit our LovEarth yoga mat care instructions page.

“Personally I believe they are the best yoga mats I’ve ever used. I say that in terms of grip and durability. When I look across the class at YogaVibe it is a sea of LovEarth... they are so pure… just like this yellow glow. It’s great when I go to workshops and people see the mat. Because it is so different to anything else on the market I always get asked so I’ve been singing the praises of LovEarth”.

Vivienne Dias Studio owner of YogaVibe Wetherill Park (5th order of 10 LovEarth mats)

"My practice is a hot yoga which gets quite sweaty. The LovEarth mat is ideally suited and has terrific grip in these conditions."

Chris Canty

"I love my LovEarth Yoga mat! It's spectacular grip and natural colour are my favourite aspects of it. I'm particularly fond of its’ name as it is a yoga mat brand committed to the health of the Earth and of course to those that are fortunate to have come across it! I highly recommend them to all Yogi's & Yogini's!"

Bec Fish Sotai Therapies, Freshwater, NSW (3rd order of 10 mats for her students)

Stickiest mat ever! I love it, We practice Ashtanga Yoga and Alignment Based Vinyasa at our studio. Of course then stability and positioning in the standing poses are fundamental so the stickiness is all important. Our students make the decision to buy them because they are so eco-friendly and natural which enhances their practice. They are marked up higher than the lower end of the mat spectrum but people spend that money because they are quality and green and feel better to practice on.

Suzanne Gray Director, Gold Coast Yoga Centre

My wife loves her LoveEarth Mat because it is clean and green.

Mark Togni Gold Coast Yoga Centre

Hi guys, I bought a travel mat to take to India earlier this year. Just wanted to let you know that it's been by far the best mat I've ever used. Many of the students I was doing my teacher training with also commented on how nice it was. The grip is fantastic and it's so light weight. I just ordered another for my sister for Xmas. If I ever set up a yoga studio I'll be in touch for sure. Thanks so much.

Jessica Fitzgerald

Best Yoga Matt ever!! Non-slip, easy to clean, awesome! 

Thank you!!

Juliana Britto

Won't ever use another yoga mat again! Love the natural feel and non slip grip!

Melissa Zainey

I've just completed my first workout on my new LovEarth Yoga Mat and it's great. I don't slip like I have on a lot of other mats and knowing that it's all natural makes the whole experience that much better.

Emma Morton